HS CS Clubs Association
Building a network of CS Clubs throughout the Nation


Our Mission

We are a new student-led group joined by clubs from high schools around all of US. There has always been a scarcity of High School CS communities and events, and especially now due to the pandemic. Our mission is thus to take the initiative and promote a tighter CS community.
Monthly Contest
We are putting together an invitational monthly competitive programming tournament (with styles similar to that of USACO and CodeForces), promoting cooperation and friendly competition! For those in specific regions (such as Massachusetts), clubs can even come together and compete in-person.
Sharing Events
Currently, there lacks a place for finding HS oriented CS events, and thus we wish to provide a discussion space. If you know or are hosting an event, whether it be Hackathons, Competitive Programming, Capture-The-Flag, share it with us! Join our Discord Server
Introduce New Formats
As our association gains more members and influence, we hope to expand beyond just CP and introduce new formats such as Hackathons, CTF, AI, and much more! By joining us, you will be exposed to many new exciting aspects of CS. And if possible, we wish to even host our own in-person hackathons and CTFs.
Our Projects
Monthly Contest
To encourage community engagement and friendly competition, we aim to curate a high-quality contest each month, accomodating programmers of all levels. Compete in them to test your skills and learn new algorithms. Click me for more info
Discord Server
Join our discord server for the latest news about HSCSA and learn about upcoming CS events! Feel free to advertise events you know, or even ones you are personally hosting. Click me to join.
More Upcoming!
If you have any ideas you want us to do, contact us and we can start it! HSCSA intends to be a place where everyone can take initiatives and be heard, so all proposals are welcomed!

Our Members

Comprised of schools from East Coast to West Coast, no schools left behind
Alex(Ho Tin) Fan
Executive Representative
Lexington High School
Problem Writer
Egor Gagushin
Executive Representative
Lexington High School
Problem Writer
Jeffrey Tong
Montgomery Blair High School

Steven Tan
Acton-Boxborough Regional HS

Michael Huang
Phillips Academy

Ryan McCauley
Lawton Chiles High School

Samuel Chen
Ladue Horton Watkins HS

Ethan Peng
TeamsCode Organization

How To Join

1. Join our Discord Server
Our Discord Server serves as our main method of communication. So please Join Here
2. Register your Club
Locate either an executive member in the server or email hscscorg@gmail.com to officially register your club. We will add you to our members list and give you the Representative role.
3. Be Part of the Community
The rest is up to you! You can engage with our various projects, attend the monthly contests, propose problems, access our resources, or even start your own initiative! There are endless possibilities when we work together.